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Special Ural Editions

Ural Transsib

Ural Transsib

In the sidecar of a Ural you travel as comfy as first class with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Really! It's the literal truth. Time and again stories are told about passengers falling asleep in the sidecar on a long journey. On a well kept road and with a considerate driver the sonorous throbbing of the boxer engine, the gentle acceleration and deceleration of the Ural combination and the well sprung chassis of the Ural are conducive to a relaxed napping passenger in the sidecar.

With our limited edition model 2018 we want to show how much comfort there is in the puristic Ural sidecar

Retro - Last Edition 2018


In 2003 the Ural  factory introduced the Retro model into its range of sidecars. It is the opinion of many Ural enthusiasts that this is the best model produced over the last 15 years.

However, 2018 will see the end of an era as the production of the Retro is to cease . With this in mind the Ural factory will supply about 70 units for the European market. before the end of the year.

Anyone who has been tempted to buy such a machine but not yet taken the plunge should hurry down to their Ural dealer now to place their order while stocks last!

Ural Pustinja II

Ural Pustinja II

Since we introduced Ural limited edition models the Ranger in sand colour called Pustinja in 2007 was for sure the most welcome and successful version.

And as this happened unbelievable 10 years ago we think that an anniversary edition of Pustinja is justified.

> So: Here is Pustinja II

Ural Scrambler 2015/16

Ural Scrambler 2015/16

This Ural is reduced like every Scrambler, useless ballast is removed, for example spare wheel.

On the credit side:

  • Best tires for such a Ural, Heidenau K37 knobby tires
  • Upswept 2in2 silencer system with discrete black sound
  • Minimalist luggage racks on trunk and nose of the sidecar,
  • tough looking bumpers on the front and rear of the sidecar 
  • very very chick LED foglights
  • Between the handle bars we have a additional bar to fix the so important nowadays toys like smart phone, navigator, camera or similar.

Урал Гибрид 13/14 - URAL Hybrid 13/14

Ural Hybrid 13/14

Only 25 units of this exceptional model will be produced . What makes this Ural so special? We have combined the old carburettor technology (as we had until 2013) with  with some hits of the new Ural generation 2014, such as disc brakes on all three wheels, bigger air filter volume, hydraulic steering damper and external oil filter. For obvious reasons we have named this limited edition the URAL HYBRID 13/14. 


The chassis and body parts are all powder painted; the frame is black matt, the body parts are asphalt grey, and to enhance the look further, the powertrain is also black. Our Ural Hybrid is a 2 wheel drive model and is equipped with some fantastic new accessories


Ural Limited Edition 2012/2013 „ЗАРЯ“ (ZARJA) - "Sunset"

Ural Sunset

The dominant colour on all parts of the motorcycle is matt black, like the dark clouds in an approaching night sky. On the lower side of the fuel tank, the interior of the sidecar, the middle section of the rim, on the lid and inside of the Ural sideboxes (the Baraholkas), we have introduced a discreet flash of orange which appears as intense as the sinking sun between the dark evening clouds.

Why orange and not light blue or silver or white?
We are from Austria and there is a motorcycle manufacturer, whose products are orange . We are of course very proud of this manufacturer !
The design and detailed equipment of the Sunset Ural make it a cool, modern machine.


Anniversary M70

M70 Anniversary

We dedicate it to the first M72 built in Irbit. We keep the details as close to the original as possible. We meticulously picked the paint for this model and the material for the tonneau cover. MG mount is installed on the sidecar to keep true to the military roots of the models used in the war. Interestingly, the red round IMZ badge did not appear on motorcycles until 1956. We sourced the original IMZ badge and replicated it as close as possible but gave it a more refined finish.

M70 is available both as a solo and sidecar model.

The anniversary model Ural M70 will be available from November 2011 on, during year 2012 until the 19th of November 2012.

Ural Limited Edition 2010/2011 “Snow Leopard“


The snow leopard is a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of South Asia and Central Asia. It leads a largely solitary life. In Russia it lives in the mountains of Altai and around Lake Baikal.


Unfortunately the Snow Leopard is going to be a threatened species; they are hunted because of their highly valued grey-white coat.


The limited edition model Ural Snow Leopard for December 2010 is defined by its harmony between grey chassis parts and white body parts. It will be delivered in two versions:


Only five units will be produced as the noble Retro version. It is a very neat combination with a classical look. In variation to the standard Retro model all seats and the sidecar cover are kept in grey . The sidecar is equipped with baggage carrier, jerry can made of stainless steel, front bumper and additional head light. It is a combination for sunny days, ideal to exhibit, polish and love.


The more important version will be the Snow Leopard as a Ranger model, as it is a fully equipped winter combination. It can be fitted with either three Heidenau winter tyres or three standard Heidenau tyres, for regions with less hard winters. It has heated grips and a windshield for the driver. The sidecar is equipped with shovel, jerry can, luggage rack, additional head light, front bumper and a studded spare wheel (or standard spare wheel). There will only be about 20 units built for the European market.


So it is high time to get a Snow Leopard from an Ural dealer!

Ural Limited Edition 10/09 “Red October“


Over the years it has become a tradition that the European Importer creates and orders a limited edition Ural motorcycle from the Siberian factory to be produced in small numbers. This year we have been bold and courageous in choosing a bright gloss red and matt black colour scheme, not usually associated with a classic motorcycle and sidecar design. The theme is based on the novel “The Hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy and its movie version. The limited edition Ural will be launched to the public in the autumn 2009

Design study - Ural Wolf with sidecar


Here is our next design study:

During winter we reorganized our spares stock and we removed some shelf warmers, mixed these parts with some brand new Ural components and some common accessories and the result is this beautiful combination.

WJUGA - Limited Edition 2008/09


Without doubt this Ural is not beautiful. Disheveled, sloppy, grey-greyish colored. A doubtful appearance. But exactly the right answer for uncomfortable circumstances in the life of a motorcycle driver like coldness, snow, winter, wind.

Pustinja - Limited Edition 2007


"Pustinja" is the Russian word for "desert"

100% no chrome on this bike, everything is kept in this dirty yellow-grey-brown. Once can say, the bike is ugly but the bike is definitely not unfunctional. The Ural Pustinja is fitted with attributes, which are really useful when you want to drive in the deserts of this world.

Vorona - Limited Edition 2006


The raven-black limited edition of a Ural sidecar. The VORONA - speak “Varona” – write in cyrillic BOPOHA Vorona means female “Raven”. Her dress is silken-matt, no chrome, everything is dark black. Looks really great. Only 33 units will be sold in Europe. The Vorona is available with or without sidecar drive, with drumbrake or discbrake on the front wheel, according to your taste. The sparewheel of the Vorona is covered with a a pretty leather cover. As every Ural the Vorona has a reverse gear. And besides the electrical starter, a kickstarter.

Ural GS - 2006

Ural GS

In spring 2007 we realized our idea of a Ural GS. Former factory director Vladimir Yudin was a sports biker when he was young. He supported our idea and delivered the basic Ural chassis with enforced front fork and the basic platform of the sidecar. We added plastic fenders, alloy rims, alloy handlebars, and a powerful engine with double ignition.
Unfortunately this light fun machine remains only one prototype. But only until end of 2009. Currently we are working on a kit, to reduce a standard Ural with sidecar to a lighter version with platform sidecar.

Ural Basic

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