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Since 2003 Ural Motorcycles GmbH is the European distributor for Ural motorcycles and spareparts in Europe.
We would like to introduce our small team:
Team of Ural Motorcycles Europe
Our team is of course in charge of all matters concerning the European dealers. We try very hard to assist them in delivering the requested spare parts and bikes as quick as possible.
One of our most important tasks is also delivering the factory with production parts. As experienced Ural drivers know, many parts on our bikes are now produced in Europe. Our job is to gather products in our stock in Linz and deliver to Siberia once a month.

Every member of our team is of course Ural enthusiast. In addition to these jobs we of course are 'on the road' with our Urals, on many occasions. Our most favourable jobs are for example Ural tours to Siberia with our customers, dealers and everyone else who is interested in our sympathetic bikes.
In 2008 we organised the First European Ural Meeting and after it's great success we decided to organise this event annually. It is a great pleasure for us to meet all European Ural customers here in Austria.

Working for Ural is not just a job, it is a life-task for us which brings us a lot of pleasure!
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