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Ural T

Ural introduces a low priced basic sidecar model – The Ural T
Many details of the Ural motorcycle with sidecars have been continuously improved over the last few years.
Of course, this investment in quality has lead to an increase of the retail price.
The price of a new Ural with sidecar today is well over EUR 10.000,00 in Europe

Now there is a new Ural with sidecar below EUR 10.000,00, the Ural T.
Ural_T_1_w.jpg Ural_T_2_w.jpg Ural_T_3_w.jpg Ural_T_4_w.jpg
This price has been achieved by reducing the equipment levels to only what is necessary in the same way as Henry Ford did with his Model T.
The Ural T does not have a rear passenger seat, spare wheel, engine
protectors, windshields and similar.
In order to speed up and simplify the production, the Ural T will only be painted in black. No chrome, everything will be black.
Of course all the missing parts can be added to the Ural T later if the customer requires these luxuries.

In the USA the Ural T has been on sale for over a year and it has proved very successful. The sales show the Ural T appeals to young people and owners new to sidecar riding. The all black trim is really cool. The sidecar appears slimmer, cleaner and more modern.

With the price below EUR 10.000,00, this new vehicle is also an interesting option compared to purchasing a used Ural. Low mileage, nearly new, second-hand Urals are scarce in Europe. Obviously customers who buy the Ural, do so for a life-time. Once you have one, you do not give it away again.
Existing Ural owners like this situation, because a well cared for, low mileage Ural will hold its value very well.

With the model T, the Ford Company had the biggest selling car world wide over a long time period. Ural produced the most popular factory built motorcycle and sidecar until the middle of the 90’s. With the Ural T, Ural wants to replicate this success in market leadership.
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